Welcome to video commercial music!

I have been writing songs for years as a singer/songwriter, to perform on stage. One day a friend asked me to write a song for a video commercial. When I started, it immediatly felt good to be able to interactively contribute to a creative process. To find that the commercial really comes into it’s own, by putting the right music under it, gave me a very satisfied feeling. From then on I decided to write more music meant for video messages. Music with catchy tunes!

If you are interested, you might want to listen to the sample tracks below and watch the sample videos to get an impression of my work.  If you like it, you can send me a message to let me know what you want for the music on your video, website, app, jingle, documentary, voice over or any message.

Best regards,

Bert Hoogma

Drs. Communication Science. (Radboud University Nijmegen) Composing musician, studio/PA technician and experienced bandcoach. Co-owner of ROCK@WORK

Sample tracks:

Sample videos:

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